Vitriolic Anti-American Crowd already a slight Majority

The Vitriolic Anti-American crowd is already a slight majority in the landscape of the United States of America.

These are the times when those who call our form of Government a Democracy, and demand Democracy, must be stopped. They call for the abolishment of the Electoral College, to gain control of the now minority of those who are still Americans at heart.

The are dangerous times. Will Americans go in silence? I think not.

We are today in a Cold Civil War, and it may sooner than we can imagine turn into a Hot Civil War. The coming Civil War will spill the most blood even any war has in history.

The Nation is without a doubt divided. Enemies are within, and their goal and wish is Global Governance. Be not deceived. What they think will be a utopian peaceful World will be total Dictatorship and Tyranny. Do not let your children live in such World.

Globalism MUST be stopped or postponed.  Why do I say postponed? It is Biblical. It is written in Revelations, the Anti-Christ will rule the World for a short time.

NOT in our life time! Give your children a chance at Liberty.

Smart young man, outlines the situation in the US.

Support your President now, or else… Follow your President on Twitter.

It may be beneficial to avoid confrontation, but then Globalism will take over, once the Nation is physically divided.

Peaceful Paths Forward for the USA

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Gilets Jaunes Act 10, it has started.

This morning once more, the French Gilets Jaunes took to the streets of Paris.

Casualties so far, as of January 19th: 12 Dead; over 2000 wounded.

Play video below (morning of Saturday 19th)




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Outcome of The Shutdown

(Photo by Stefan Zaklin/Getty Images)

What will be the outcome of this government shutdown, the longest so far. Will it go on? Will POTUS declare a National Emergency? Will there be Chaos?

Already some claim that Coast Guards are not getting paid. If it were to go on past February, the military men and women may not get paid. Some claim the economy will slow down or worse.

Will Congress do what is right for the Nation?

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Wanted Socialists and Socialism

Seriously? Is this what the #MeNow Generation wants?

We the elders will be dying off, and We failed to inform our children correctly. Instead they were brainwashed in government schools, and lost any connection with the American Spirit.

I immigrated to the US in 1983, a few years after Socialist Mitterrand was elected President. Within a few years he had laws and regulations that affected the population. Under the pretense of helping ‘the working class’, he literally prohibited free enterprise.

Look at France NOW. The population cannot survive. The government has grown so big, and is in control of so much, that their tax burden is literally starving people. 9 weeks of Gilets Jaunes, and it is not about to stop. The French are fed up.

Little do they Know that it was their own fault for empowering government.

Did you know, that in France:

  • The work week is 35 hours
  • Paid Overtime is prohibited
  • Having 2 jobs is prohibited
  • Firearms are mostly prohibited

I wonder how Americans would view that

Socialism Must be Financed

Dawn of Beehive Earth?

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People Need Hope

SUPERSTITION: a belief or way of behaving that is based on fear of the unknown and faith in magic or luck : a belief that certain events or things will bring good or bad luck.

… People tend to seek assurance for their livelihood. History shows how many tribes, clans, entire nations decided to get the cover of a more powerful ruler, just for the sake of protection, guidance, reassurance, structure, and sometimes just because admiration, adoration, trust, or deception… _ Power structures in history


Well, I never thought this Q thing was genuine. But, yes, people tend to need hope, and they will grasp at any potential human super savior, that will save the World. There is NO Superman, no Captain America to save the World. Fantasy is wide spread.

The Plan to Save the World

Trust the Plan… Secret indictments…

We The People Need to Act if We Want something done. POTUS alone CANNOT do it. If We do not strive to punish and eradicate evil, Evil Will Prevail.

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