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Honda CB750 Tail light circuit

One of the simplest circuit to demonstrate how to create a Block Diagram, that came to mind, was the Tail Light circuit off a CB750 wiring diagram (as shown on Lesson 6).  Typically, any technician in need of troubleshooting the … Continue reading

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Prepping for Survival

List of Survival Tips and Knowhow. By American Prepper Are you prepared? Building your bug out bag, or rather, get home bag. The truth about Baofeng radios Starting your own prepping group Fitness and diet related to prepping The time … Continue reading

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The Removal of Bashar al-Assad

Since 2011, the same forces that triggered the Ukrainian War, demonstrated their resolve to take control of Syria (Central Bank obliges). I have my guess on those forces: Soros and the Globalists; CIA and MIC controlled by the Shadow Government. … Continue reading

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