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A Great American Rancher Died this Day

Today, January 26th, is the 3rd anniversary of the death of LaVoy Finicum. LaVoy Finicum an Arizona rancher was gunned down by FBI on his way to a meeting for exposing the criminal actions of the Bureau of Land Management … Continue reading

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End Times has Begun

End Times Chronology Wars and rumors of Wars, but not the end yet. The opening of Seven Seals, one at a time. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse begin their rides, one at a time. Nation shall rise against nation, … Continue reading

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3 Countries Headed for Civil War

France The Gilets Jaunes are protesting again for the 11th time in a row. 12 deaths so far in 10 protests. I predict a Civil War will break out in France sooner or later. Venezuela With the clear division in … Continue reading

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