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The Republic on it’s Death Bed

Experts predict the Death of the Republic. It was conceived in 1776. It was the beacon of Liberty for the whole World to see. After its affliction of a new form of cancer in 1913, its health gradually declined ever … Continue reading

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A Woman’s Choice Should Not be Legislated, but Influenced.

Opinion The same way I feel Government has NO business concerning marriage, Government has no business legislating a Woman’s choice. Let God be the Judge. New York Abortion Laws New York abortion laws are less restrictive than those in many … Continue reading

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Why does God not Intervene?

Why does God allow all this misery? Why does God let Evil be? God did intervene once on behalf of the World: The Flood Next time will be by Fire. Read Revelations.   This is a portion of a Bible … Continue reading

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Protesting the Gilets Jaunes

A ‘Republican March,’ originally organized by the ‘Red Scarves” collective and joined by other smaller groups, takes to the streets of Paris on Sunday, January 27, to protest against the violence allegedly committed by some “yellow vest” activists. Carrying European … Continue reading

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Term Limits for Congress

Congressional term limits is the most bipartisan and popular political issue in America. 82% of the voters want term limits on Congress. Career politicians refuse to listen. Sign the Petition Three Heroes   H.J.Res.20 by Rep. Francis Rooney (FL19th):  Resolution … Continue reading

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