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Brian Kolfage and “We Build the Wall” first 1/2mi in El Paso Texas

The Gateway Pundit spoke with Brian Kolfage on Sunday. Brian told us, “At the beginning everyone said you can’t do this. It’s impossible. You just can’t do this. And I think that just drove us forward even harder to get … Continue reading

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Rise of the 4th Reich

Germany’s Merkel teaming with France’s Macron are building the 4th Reich as one European Nation State, complete with its own armed forces and a very powerful Police State. SwitchnewsTV an internet based independent media, recognizes the implementation of 4th Reich … Continue reading

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Personal Training of my Best Friend

I was around Big Dogs all my life. My father had three at one time: 2 Black Shepherds (also called Italian Shepherd, or in Europe, Groendal); and one German Shepherd. Later on in life (late 70’s), as a young adult, … Continue reading

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Been Watching much CIA Mind Control TV lately?

How is possible all the media to be related to each other? Are the news scripted? This video is a compilation of videos that showing us that the local news outlets speaking exactly the same things, reading from a script. … Continue reading

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Methuselah the Man who Lived the Longest

Enoch gave birth to the longest living man on record: Methuselah who lived 969 years. Methuselah’s grand-son Noah was the only one (with his family) to survive The Great Flood. Enoch lived 365 years, never died but was taken. His … Continue reading

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