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Top Democrats Vacationing and Puerto Rico

“The shutdown is a result of a high-stakes fight between President Donald Trump and Democratic leaders.” The Constitutionality of A Presidential State of Emergency “Democratic lawmakers like New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez were spotted on the beaches of Puerto Rico … Continue reading

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2019 Poll: 2020 Presidential Election Promises You expect from your candidate.

Opinion Poll Your favorite candidate will make campaign promises, as have many before. What do you think are your outmost concerns, and what matching promises will influence you in your choice of Candidate? “Principles Over Your Favorite Personality” _ KrisAnne … Continue reading

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Here’s what you should be eating to reduce pain caused by arthritis

Arthritis is a major problem that a lot of people face as they get older. Based on the estimates of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are more than 54.4 million American adults who suffer from it. This condition is characterized … Continue reading

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The Congregation of Jacob, the 12 tribes of Israel

1100 B.C.  Saul and the Kingdom of Israel (Capital: Jerusalem). Under the second King, David, expanded its military power and conquests. The 3rd King Solomon, took the Kingdom to a prosperity known by all neighbors. He actively worked and traded with the Phoenicians and Assyrians. … Continue reading

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In 2016 about The Border Wall interview

Trump to Hannity 2016: Hannity: “You don’t expect Mexico to write you a check?” Trump: “No. No. Politically is not feasible and wouldn’t look good… There are many different ways.” Grow up Democrats. #ItsBorderSecurityStupid — Becky Look at her … Continue reading

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