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Monopolies, Why do We support them?

We The People have the power, if we choose to use it. Why do We always support known Monopolies? In the Media context, we should have understood long ago that by giving them power, we restrict our ability to express … Continue reading

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Security at Democratic CA convention removes homeless man.

no comment. WALK AWAY!

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4th amendment Null and Void Dangerous Trend

The Most Primary cause of the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution: Warrantless searches and seizures against Englishmen were the spark for the American Revolution in the British Colony. James Ottis Jr. a government attorney turned whistle blower against … Continue reading

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POTUS influenced by Fake Reports?

Is POTUS aware of Fake reports by the Department of Education? Will he stand by the 2nd amendment? NPR Report: Department of Education School Shooting Stats Are Vastly Wrong “I’d like to think about it. I mean nobody’s talking about … Continue reading

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Monopolies Breakup, It’s About Time!

Trump Administration’s Brutal Big-Tech Break-Up It has been overdue. Between facebook; Google and Amazon, those companies have eliminated any possible competition, with practices that sometimes borders the actions of the Gangster or mafia families of the 50’s. They work together … Continue reading

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