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How Old is The Human Race?

National Geographic‘s take on humans: We Are Mutants ! I’ve got to say, science truly favors it’s own spin. Origin: Africa – When: > 100,000 years ago – Who: Adam “The common direct paternal ancestor of all men alive today was born … Continue reading

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As the Moon Gets Fuller, the Nights Are Cooler

Here is an example of Bad Science. Science we were taught deceptively. Quora: Does a full moon make the night colder? I beg you to read the comments of the indoctrinated readers:  “warmer because it reflects sunlight back onto the … Continue reading

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God Communicates

Intuition, is what many claim they have, but it is a gift all of us have. “Wisdom Bestows Well-Being” _ Proverbs 3 Since my teenage years, I thought I had an incredible intuition. All through my adult life I’ve had … Continue reading

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Let’s Look at Contrails

If what Dims the Sun is indeed Contrails with no chemicals added, then something must be done about the aircrafts causing it.  The ‘Contrails’ morph into clouds (cloud seeding), and then into a haze. The contrails are only created at … Continue reading

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East Coast Weather 9/11

This a Great site that will give much info on weather trends.  It includes High/Low pressure or Isobar lines, wind directions, hurricanes, cloud cover, temperatures, and precipitations. Each can be added individually as desired. Hurricane Florence ‘the’ current event is … Continue reading

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