Trump’s Income Tax Returns vs. Obama’s Birth Certificate

Division in the US is real and will remain. I speak out of frustration on our Corrupt and misguided Government system. The Constitution is just about a thing of the past, and there is NO original Rights that haven’t been altered or simply disregarded and trampled upon.

They’ve requested Trump’s Income Tax Returns, when Civil Liberties should protect us from such encroachments. Doesn’t the 4th Amendment protect us from such an inquiry? Until 1913, Americans didn’t pay any Federal Income Tax, it was not ratified under the Constitution. So what happened? We now are not only required to pay, but are even called unpatriotic when questioning it. The frogs hare cooking and are getting used to the heat.

Sheep, is this term misinterpreted? Was Jesus flattering his sheep or was he saddened by our behavior? Didn’t he say his people are easily deceived?

We’ve requested Obama’s birth Certificate long after his taking over the White House, to only be presented with a forgery, an electronic forgery. And very few dared to question it. The only Hawaiian witness, died in a fluke aircraft crash weeks after the Certificate was produced.

The truth is, Obama was born in Kenya. His and his companion’s slips are well documented. Too many times (after he left the White House), they said ‘his birth country”. He applied to college as a foreign student. His father was an Indonesian dissident. While he was born in “Hawaii” he had a Social Security number issued in New Jersey or something like that. The perfect Manchurian Candidate groomed by CIA. And he will not stop here. Remember this, as he is now campaigning around the World, and is gaining an immense support worldwide, he will more than likely be the first (and likely the last), President of the World Government. Biblical.

Obama has setup a Deep State that will remain for decades. “Drain the Swamp”? Right, easier said than done, and the future will show that the task is almost impossible.

Yes, I know the Constitution doesn’t make mention of foreigners becoming Law makers, therefore it is allowed. What a mistake! We have today an increasing infiltration of foreign born individuals who will make our laws of tomorrow. Their ideals are far from the Liberty minded Nation the founders created. Watch it transform in the years to come. Or not?

The first shot that resonated around the World was celebrated yesterday…

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