3 Countries Headed for Civil War

Police armed with Baton (right hand) and Hammer (left hand). Jan.26th2009


The Gilets Jaunes are protesting again for the 11th time in a row. 12 deaths so far in 10 protests. I predict a Civil War will break out in France sooner or later.


With the clear division in Venezuela, and Nations supporting one side or the other, Chaos is sure to continue, and it will get worse. US and partnering nations will eventually arm the opposition, and an all out Civil War will occur. If Russia, China, and partnering nations stay out of the suppression and only supply arms to the government in place that is. If not, then it could become a new trigger for the WW3 the Elites so desire.


63 millions Americans elected Donald Trump to redress the failing country. Battles were lost in this effort:

  • Opposition won the House, and the efforts of POTUS will be very difficult. MAGA is at a stand still and will be until 2020.
  • Americans wanted border security, and this too doesn’t seem very feasible anymore. The House will block any effort whatsoever.

There will come a time before 2020, when Americans will be angered and might just punish the Anti-American / pro-Globalism movement.

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