“A Blaze of Glory”

Mass Shootings

  • “Forensic Psychologists, have recognized, that it is the sudden Fame that motivates those killers.”
  • “In the 50’s one could go to Sears a come out with as many guns as they could carry.”
  • “Guns have become harder and harder to get since the 50’s.”
  • “This should mean that the lessor the availability of guns the more mass shootings?”
  • “There were no mass shootings prior to the Johnson administration, not since the Old West and the OK Coral shooting where gun fighters lost their lives.”
  • “Under, Johnson 1 mass shooting (University of Texas); none during Nixon’s 2 terms; none during Ford; none during Carter; 3 during Reagan; 5 or 6 during Clinton; 7 or 8 for Bush; 24 for Obama; and none of that has anything to do with the Presidents… Has to do with people who were suicidal in the first place.”


“Pass a law that forbids CNN and other sensation media’s, from mentioning the names of the killers, publishing their photos, ranking the massacre nor stating the number of victims to the public, or circulating their Manifesto.”


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