A Woman’s Choice Should Not be Legislated, but Influenced.


The same way I feel Government has NO business concerning marriage, Government has no business legislating a Woman’s choice. Let God be the Judge.

New York Abortion Laws

New York abortion laws are less restrictive than those in many other states, which often impose long waiting periods, consent requirements, strict facility codes, and other statutory obstacles. A bill signed into law in early 2019 adds additional protections for abortion access, such as allowing certain medical professionals who aren’t doctors to perform the procedure and allowing abortions past 24 weeks if the fetus isn’t viable or to protect the mother’s health (before the change in the law, this was limited to protecting the mother’s life).

Another Opinion and Alternative Choice

If I were to make a Law:

A woman has the right to give up her child for adoption within 3 days after birth, and no further claim to the child can be allowed. The child will be in care of designated State Legislated Orphanages until adoptive parents give the child their name.

The child shall be cared for and educated by legislated standards until adoption or adulthood.

State Orphanages shall provide every child with the tools and education necessary to succeed in their adult life, unless a child is adopted. The adoptive parents shall then provide the said tools and education instead of the State. The State shall monitor the upbringing of the adopted children, and shall make sure that they are cared for.

Are There Any Traditional Orphanages in the US?

Orphanages are not static institutions. That is, they tend to reflect society at any given time. Also, I suspect that orphanages have evolved in response to various pressures — economics, politics, social, etc.

State Legislated Orphanages

Would be the answer to women’s dilemmas as to raise a child or not after they and their partner have made what they feel was a mistake. Orphanages would give an alternative to abortion and thus killing the child wouldn’t have to be done.

I know some women who have resulted to abortion have had to live with the trauma. But if States provided Orphanages many would not result to abortion, and instead would abandon their child knowing that great care and education will be provided.

State Orphanages would be the humane solution to our immorality, and, or errors.

Fertility in both men and women is on the decline, and this would also solve the demands for adoption. There are plenty of families who would be relieved if adoption was readily available and better legislated.

Note: Pass this idea to your State legislators (one of the 50 states, not the Federal Government) if you feel this is a worthy idea.

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