Act XV: Pauvre France

They march and sing: “Anti-Capitalism“, the slogan of AntiFA.  Looks like France is homeland for AntiFa.

My title translated: Poor France.  Yeah, they protest Capitalism because they do not own enough Capital.  Well, 40 years of Socialism will do that.  So now, they want everything to belong to everyone: Communism.

The French obviously need total failure to realize that Socialism is what brought this mess in the first place.

And the whole of Europe is about to go in the same way.

We in the US have our share of problems with country so divided that it’s irreparable, and will lead to an all out Civil War. They, here, too, want Socialism, and want to take our Liberties. They will be coming for our guns. And an other 1776 event will occur.

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