After a Wave

Who knows what tomorrow will bring. America could be at a turning point.

What will November 7th look like?

If a Red Wave occurs, expect riots and false flag attacks in the days following the election.

I think they prepared one false flag: The Caravans

I wouldn’t put it past the Globalists (associates of the Deep State and the Democrats), to set up a situation similar to Ukraine, but directed at the caravans.  A few dozen snipers could shoot and kill people in the caravan and US soldiers assuring an violent response on both sides.  It would outrage the World and we could see a local conflict between countries of Central America and the US.  With a little preparation and time, China and possibly Russia could come to the rescue of Central American countries.

If a Blue Wave occurs, it’ll be calm for a long while.  Americans will swallow their lesson, as the country embraces Socialism and Globalism.  Within a few years, America will be but a memory.

If a stale mate, we would only get a short breather but 2020 will not be what America hopes for.

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