Alarming Syria News 9/15/18

In Syria, as the Syrian forces are about to retake the Idlib province from ISIS Rebels, US coalition, and Israel are responding.

Syria’s liberation has been possible because of Russian Air support against ISIS and other rebel groups, South West of the Euphrates river.  At the Northern part, the Syrian Kurds backed by the US, already completed the liberation.

US coalitions, Israel and Turkey will soon be at a loss if the whole country is liberated. Why at a loss? Who knows the Geopolitical games that are being played.

US has repeatedly said that “Assad must go !”.  John Kerry said it. Hillary Clinton said it. Barrack Obama said it. Nicky Haley is still saying it.  In addition the MIC needs another raging conflict with US involvement in the region.  Weapons sales are too important to those in the industry.  And let’s not forget the Globalists who want no more than an all out US vs. Russia War. Yes, it is very likely that Russia and it’s ally China will intervene.

POTUS has set another deadline if Assad was to use chemical weapons in the Idlib province, or if any humanitarian crisis were to occur.  ‘My dear Mr. President, civilians alway end up dying in war. Matter of fact, in any war, there has always been more civilian casualties then military.’

Israel admonishes Iranian presence in Syria, and just yesterday fired missiles at Damascus.  Also, Israel in pursuit of regaining the ‘old Kingdom of Israel’ territories, has claims on part of Syria.  And I don’t think they will stop to Syria, as Lebanon also holds some of the old Kingdom’s territories.

Turkey wants a chunk of Syria as a buffer Zone.

Jason Bermas of WeAreChange is updating us on the latest in the following video:

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