Bad People Have Always Existed

Recently, a local TV station was in uproar about two 10 years old who took knives with them to school.  They claimed that their older bothers pointed out that they could be in danger in school, and that they should be able to defend themselves.

The uproar should be about how has it come to this? Why do kids feel so insecure and unsafe?

From what I can tell, teachers tend to refuse to get involved or interfere when kids have arguments or altercations.  This is very different from how teachers used to behave a 1/2 century ago.  I clearly recall teachers grabbing me (sometimes by the ears), and and making kneel down at the corner of a room.  Once it was at the cafeteria, and I had to kneel on a square ruler (it hurt).

So, children are left to fend for themselves.  Do we expect them to be victims?

1/2 a Century ago

Yes, I was a child too. I can compare the differences from today.

Were there NO BAD KIDS? Hell YES! Not only there were, but they were often more aggressive than today, and unless the good kids stood against them they would go on with bullying, stealing, aggressing, disrupting, and on…

Bad guys have always existed, it’s nothing new.

Anecdote: I was around 15. My three friends and I always sat together, in the same area of the class room. We had a new teacher. She was a cute young woman in her mid twenties.  On the opposite side of the classroom, sat a gang of about a half dozen (The bad guys of the school), and they immediately bullied the new teacher.  One day she asked them to leave the room and go to the schools superintendent’s office.  They refused.  She left the room to get help.  They followed her and cornered her.  We followed too, interceded, and confronted them.  The leader pulled a knife.  He later backed down, and they were sent home.

Did I own a knife? Yes, and I carried it with me, but never did in school. If you think bad guys are a new trend…

But then I’ll tell you what changed with society.  People today remind me of little puddles who bark loudly when scared.  Cowards are a new trend.  Instead of standing up against bad guys or girls, people and their kids bow down or run away.  More confrontation would be a lot healthier for the future.

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