Could Europe face another Crisis?

Could Europe face another 1914 or 1939 scenario? Watch out Poland, Europe could turn like Nazi Germany in 1939.

The European parliament is holding heated debates concerning Economic progress.

Along in the debates one can clearly see a division of opinion on many issues. Even though they are attempting to address Economic Progress, the hard core ‘European Union’ advocates, can’t help but criticize Britain about Brexit, and Poland for it’s Nationalism.

The migrant problem has been an issue for over two years now and they disagree on how to solve it.  A few nations like Poland, Austria, Italy and Greece have expressed their discontent on the matter.

The ‘Hardcore Europeans’ who are also hardcore Socialists led by Germany, advocate open borders and helping Africans, regardless of what other nations may say.

The Polish representative made allegations of how similar the speeches of Merkel (“act the European way”), or Jean Claude Junker, or the leader of Socialist Europe or the speaker for EPP were, stating that one could have spoken for all three of them.

Poland stands out in Europe by being so Nationalist, a behavior the EU cannot accept.

Europe seems more divided than ever on many fronts, and the tempers are flaring.

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