Deep State Hoax to Sway Voters

This is only an opinion.

A few facts

  1. Packages were delivered in record time. Post office is not that efficient.
  2. Packages, seen in the picture offered by CNN, have no postmark canceling the stamps.
  3. None of the packages were meant to explode, and none did.
  4. The so called ‘Trump supporter’ isn’t known in the Patriot community.
  5. The van plastered with stickers didn’t seem to get the attention it deserved. It should have been affected by some sort of vandalism, if we acknowledge the temperament of the leftists, Democrats, Socialists.
  6. Social media shows us very little activity on very fresh accounts.
  7. Main Stream Media pictures of the van within 2 days shows different stickers on the van.
  8. It took just a few days for investigators to find suspect, just in time for early voting.
  9. MSM claims he is a white Republican, displaying pictures of him at Trump rallies, when his voters registrations tell another story. He is not a ‘Walk Away’ individual.
  10. MSM was too quick to blame POTUS, for something he never advocated, unlike his opponents.
  11. The timing of this ‘terror’ is too coincidental with the elections, and it’s purpose way too obvious.

My opinion:

A desperate Deep State False Flag Hoax meant to sway the gullible people, just in time for the election. The man is likely a CIA provided Patsy.

The Dems are in a dire position, and the Deep State is afraid to loose it’s power.

Next, the Migrant caravans will be filled with blame, and possible False Flags. More caravans will be following.

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2 Responses to Deep State Hoax to Sway Voters

  1. Charlotte says:

    This sounds Plausible. I’m not one to quickly point my finger. I’m pretty level headed when it comes to he said she said. . .

  2. Thomas F says:

    Sumting fishy here. 🐟

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