Gilets Jaunes Paradox

People wearing yellow vests, a symbol of French drivers’ nationwide protest against higher fuel prices, block the Paris-Brussels motorway in Haulchin, France, November 17, 2018. REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol – RC139E1A98C0

In December 2018, the ‘Gilets Jaunes’ movement took to the streets to protest excessive gas taxation.

Today, March 23rd is the 19th edition of the ‘Yellow Vests’ protests in over a dozen cities including Paris. In Paris the government has dispatched the military in areas off-limit by protesters.

For the past month the slogans were: ‘Anti Capitalism‘.

True the French working class is in dire straits. Their incomes have become insufficient, for some they barely survive month to month. The elderly have even seen their pensions shrink. Survival for many is not a trivial matter.

Anti Capitalism!

This crisis was 40 years in the making. Socialism has now rotted the minds. They don’t seem to understand that in order to be given the Socialist safety net they desire, taxation is in order. Granted they wished this taxation was applied on the rich. But seldom does socialism not serve the rich. It creates a ruling class that controls the masses. And now the masses in France are angry.

Another contradiction. The French have been advocating a fight against Climate Change. Yes, the masses wanted that fight, and still do. So why were they complaining about gas taxation? It was a necessary evil to reduce the ability of the masses to use vehicles and reduce emissions.

Fact is, they are stuck in the Paradox of wanting for nothing. Thank you Francois Mitterand for the bulging French Socialism, and infecting the minds of the subsequent generations.

No Socialism doesn’t work for very long. Being free from the grip of the State is not part of Socialism. Eventually, Socialism and its leaders becomes totalitarianism.

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