Globalist Leaders Advocate Cessation of Civility

The pressure is ON.  Chaos in US is being instigated by US members of the Globalist coalition.  The same way Soros and company instigated the Ukraine Civil War, they will bring chaos to the US.

“From Chaos, Comes Order”

It doesn’t look like they are willing to wait it out.  Would they wait it out, our children will give them anything they want under the the promise of a peaceful New World Order, under the rule of a single World Government, with no borders, no nations, no inequality.

Our children have undergone complete indoctrination into Socialism, and ‘Democracy’.  They are now advocates of wealth sharing with other parts of the World.  They wish for nothing less than eliminate the term 3rd World Countries.  They want all people to have the same, and are willing to give up the American way, and share all with the less fortunates.

Note: Democracy is nothing less than MOB rule.  The USA was not meant to be a Democracy, but a Constitutional Republic.  A Nation that respected private property, and ownership.  A Nation that recognized fundamental Rights: Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.  A Nation whose Government’s purpose was to secure our unalienable Rights.  In an after thought, in order to be perfectly clear, the founders enunciated The Bill of Rights.

What do the Globalists Want?

They want all power in the hands of the few Elites of the World.  And to achieve this, they will stop at nothing. Everything is on the table. The End justifies the means.

A resurgence of Nationalism is out of question for them, since Nations will no longer be.  Their patience has run short.  Making Russia the enemy did not work.  They had hoped that Ukraine would have made Russia a clear cut Axis of Evil, and trigger a conflict between the two most powerful nuclear nations.  It still is not so, it didn’t work.

So they’ll deal with those two nations one at a time, and the US is ripe for internal Chaos.  They will instigate more chaos, until all hell breaks loose.



Civility is about to go out the window, as HRC calls her supporters to cause chaos.  She hopes it will escalate, as it did in Ukraine.

But she isn’t the only one who advocated Chaos, many others did.

  • Maxine Waters (instigated “chase them out of their favorite places”)
  • Chuck Schumer (called on the IC to act)
  • Loretta Lynch (called for “blood in the streets”)

I am very worried as to the outcome of an increasing unrest.

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  1. Jimmie Hall says:

    This country has over 70 million armed patriots. All it will take is for the globalist supportive police force to stand aside and the socialist/globalist/democratic communist will b dealt with in a matter of days, maybe a full week at the outside. They are not the problem, the problem is what to do with the garbage once it is all collected.

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