Hong Kong Cries for Liberty

Hong Kong is a semi-autonomous region of China since it was a British outpost until 1997 and a global business hub.

The people of Hong Kong are not used to bow to the Chinese government, a promise made but not kept.

In May 1989, nearly a million Chinese, mostly young students, crowded into central Beijing to protest for greater democracy and call for the resignations of Chinese Communist Party leaders deemed too repressive. The result was a brutal repression that claimed the lives of thousands. Some say nearly 10,000.

Could Hong Kong suffer a similar fate? If this was the case, expect a Global Economic slowdown if not a temporary halt.


Hong Kong Patriotism vs American Gun Grabbers Video

Rarely does current events give us the opportunity to compare two such distinct cultures under the same lens of Liberty. This may be the most important comparison of the 21st Century- don’t miss it– it could change lives.

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