Monopolies, Why do We support them?

We The People have the power, if we choose to use it.

Why do We always support known Monopolies? In the Media context, we should have understood long ago that by giving them power, we restrict our ability to express ourselves, as they have the right to silence us.

Yes, they do. They are private entities, and if We so choose to do business with them, then We either accept their conditions, or go somewhere else. That is the only way to end Monopolies, with our wallets. Do not count on Government to apply Anti-Trust Laws that have been on the books for decades, as government is mostly corrupt. Politicians get kick backs from those giant companies. Government Alphabet agencies get some of their black budgets taken care of by those giants.

So what MUST We do?

We must support smaller businesses, support our local businesses, support other Information and Social Medias than YouTube, facebook, Twitter…

Let’s put the giants out of business by going else where.

DuckDuckGoDo you know that I never use Google?  Are there alternatives to Google? YES, there is. I personally have DuckDuckGo set as my browser’s search engine. And guess what? I now can find things that Google won’t let me find.

And, as far as your favorite Alternative Medias: Be an honest buyer of their services, support them financially, via donations, memberships, etc… Most can sustain their activities with a low $1.00 donation a month. Most subscriptions are also as low as $1.00 monthly.

BITCHUTE is an alternative to YouTube.

My Channel Here


As of now I haven’t found an alternative to Twitter, as it is the favorite platform of POTUS. Maybe Gab?

But I did find and alternative to facebook, although it is only slowly growing: MeWe. So join us there and over time, facebook will no longer have Monopoly on the favorite Social Media of the Boomers.

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