No Waves, just Extreme Separation of Powers

It is the best outcome for the sake of the country.  Riots, and other extreme behaviors are now unjustified.  No Civil War in the near future.

The Senate

Republicans have now a very good hold on the Senate.  No law can be confirmed past the Senate if the Senate opposes.  Only good civility and compromise will allow Congress to be the Legislative body it is meant to be.

Expect to see firings and new appointments by the Executive Branch, since the Senate is the body that decides new appointments.  Jeff Session’s days are numbered.  Justice is about to show it’s nose.

The House

Democrats are now in control of the House.  The House is the body that legislates new laws.  Compromises will be the key for the Democrats to pass new laws, since the Senate must approve, and the President to sign it into Law.

The ‘impeach’ game if used could backfire on the Democrats, more so once a daring new Attorney General is nominated.

We could have 2 years of great cooperation or 2 years of ‘do nothing Congress’.

Florida Survived

A good read:  Mid-term election outcome avoids worst-case “civil war” scenario… here’s what to expect next

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