November 6th Will Set the Future of the USA

This upcoming Mid-term election will be crucial to the future of this Nation.  It will literally define it’s longevity and existence.  Congress could remain as it is.  It could be a Red wave.  Or it may be a Blue wave.

Blue Wave

If Democrats take the majority in Congress, it spells the end of America.  Not even as we know it.  Literally it will be the end of this Nation.  POTUS will be a lame duck for 2 years, with no chance for 2020.

The far left activists will be emboldened. Violence will increase. Repercussions from violence could mean a Civil War, because I can’t see the other side take it silently.

Congress will rapidly move to increased social benefits.  Taxes will increase.  The borders will be wide open, and floods of immigrants will roll in.  And very soon a communist like state will emerge.

I even think it will be a time for political dissidents arrests and camps will finally close in on Conservatives unable to fight their way out.  Although, too many still fit conservatives may take up arms to fight it out.  I do not think this time around the Left will be as lenient or as patient as it was 5 years ago.

Civil War

Should the Civil War break out then, the country will not be pretty within a few months.  And foreign powers will take advantage of it, to possibly invade.

Business as usual

Within a few years the USA will have lost it’s position in the World, and the doors will be open for it becoming one of the Regions of the New World Order.  One World governance will no longer be impeded, and will move forward.

Red Wave

Or even with a similar Congress as today, POTUS will move further to Make America Great Again, and may even win in 2020. It will give us 6 years of betterment, 6 years to try to turn around the indoctrination of our children. If we cannot shift their ideologies, they will outvote us, and Socialism or even Communism will take over.

Bottom line we can buy time to redress the situation, but if we fail, a One World Governance will become their reality.  Conservatives will be too old to fight or even resist being interned in reeducation camps.

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