Rise of the 4th Reich

Germany’s Merkel teaming with France’s Macron are building the 4th Reich as one European Nation State, complete with its own armed forces and a very powerful Police State.

SwitchnewsTV an internet based independent media, recognizes the implementation of 4th Reich like Nation State. US, Russia, no longer positioned as ‘allies’, but more as adversaries as is China. French Foreign Legion now a European force, is the first French armed force to become a European Military branch. Other French forces gradually changing to European leadership, without the knowledge of most Generals.

Concerning the Yellow Vests or Gilets Jaunes, in France, they are now facing a European Police, recognizable to the fact that many riot police members do not speak French. The French protests have become training grounds for the European Police State.

Uk’s Guardian’s interview:  Merkel: Europe must unite to stand up to China, Russia and US

“There is no doubt that Europe needs to reposition itself in a changed world,” Merkel said in a conversation in her office in Berlin. “The old certainties of the post-war order no longer apply.”

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