Senate Rebukes the National Emergency

12 Republican Senators rebuked President Trump’s National Emergency at the Southern border.

63 Million Americans were promised the Southern Border will be dealt with. Did those Republican Senators head the will of their constituents?

POTUS will Veto

President Trump will be forced to Veto the demands of Congress.

Senator Paul, whom I favor for his principles, stood firm on his principles, but doesn’t he see the reality of lawlessness at the Southern border? Doesn’t he see the Emergency? Doesn’t he know that the people who elected Trump wanted the Southern Border fixed?

As far as the remaining 11, I believe they are simple turn coats or even plants of the Globalists.

A Wall Goes Against the UN Migration Compact

I’ll say this to Senator Paul: Yes, the Constitution is important, but not at the cost of the fall of the Republic.

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