The French are finally Angry

And Macron the Globalist doesn’t seem to be able to earn their respect, nor does he respect his countrymen.  Matter of fact, the French are fed up with getting taxed for the sake of Climate Change.

  • Carbon Tax announced on gas, penalizing drivers whom already pay nearly $7.00 a Gallon.
  • A possible reduction in retirement disbursements, to fill the State coffers.

Yet, Government is so blotted and healthy that they are completely oblivious to the hardships of their constituents. It’s about time the French People push back at this abusive relationship.

  • The Four still living retired Presidents cost the People 13 Million Euros per year.
  • The palace at The Élysée still purchases Gold platted plates and Gold silverware.

Above 2 Million people for the World Cup 2018 celebrations. Below, officials and Media say there are about 8,000 protestors.

The Events by the Yellow Vests

Protests in the streets of thousand of cities in France have been ragging. The protestors wear Yellow Vests. By law, each vehicle should carry Yellow Vests in case of break down along side of the road, so there you have it: The Yellow Vests.

Initially the protests were about a Tax on gasoline. But now they have come to the realization that mush of what their government takes from them is excessive and unjustifiable. (Not sure I am sympathizing with them, since the people have enjoyed an ever increasing Socialism since 1981. They work very little, have too much vacation time and their safety net guaranties their livelihood regardless if they work or not.)

Anyhow, they are now reaping what they’ve sown. Could it be they finally realize Socialism is not the answer?

US $14,797,900.00

The Four retired French Presidents enjoy their hefty retirement lifestyle (US $3,699,475 a year each), while France is headed to become a 3rd World country.

Yes, people of France DO something.

Don’t you remember Liberty?

Do you realize they are abusing you under the guise of Social Safety Nets?

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