The US Must be Brought Down

They will not stop until the US is brought down. The Beltway insiders and the Deep State DO NOT work for the American People. They Work for their Globalist Masters: The Engineers of the future One World Government (NWO). Until the US dwindles as a Nation, they will NOT stop. They have weakened the Military to put the US on an eventual equal footing with Russia and China. Obama started it, and Hillary was to close the coffin.

The enemies are NOT at the gate, they are WITHIN, and have formed their army in the Colleges and Universities. US Military Top Brass obeys their agenda.

Beware America. The war has only started.

A strong Nation with Principles and Liberty aspirations is a thorn in their sides.

Had the American people gone along with The Great Empire building, they wouldn’t have needed enemies within.

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2 Responses to The US Must be Brought Down

  1. Joe Hudson says:

    Obama didn’t start it. George Bush Sr. Was the first President to publicly say we are entering into a New World Order.

    • Flavio says:

      True George Bush Sr. was the one who was so vocal about ‘the New World Order’.
      Obama only depleted the military on purpose.

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