Yellow Vests the European Symbol

While the ‘Gilets Jaunes’ in France reach the 6th weekend of protests, many other people of other European Nations use this symbolic Yellow Vest to join in protest against their respective governments. 10 deaths among Yellow Vests protests so far.

In France the Yellow Vests have maintained blockades during the week, Border crossings, Highway Toll Booths, International markets, etc…

Last Week, in Brussels Belgium, Yellow Vests protested the agreement of Marrakech Morocco. This agreement signed by many Nations encourages migration in the World.

This Week, the ‘Catalans’ are at it again this time also wearing Yellow Vests, requesting the independence of Catalonia, the region of north East Spain.

This Weekend, in Portugal, they are also protesting the loss of standard of living.

The Masses all over the World are awakening to oppressions by their own governments, and protesting to regain a semblance of control against those who hold the reins.

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