Let’s Look at Contrails

If what Dims the Sun is indeed Contrails with no chemicals added, then something must be done about the aircrafts causing it.  The ‘Contrails’ morph into clouds (cloud seeding), and then into a haze.

The contrails are only created at high altitudes: 30 plus thousand feet.  The multitudes of aircrafts flying over land masses are too numerous, and are causing the Sun rays to be dimmed.  They even cause a persistent white haze, impairing photosynthesis of plants, trees, and crops.  Thereby reducing the crops output, even without chemicals.

Is there a solution to the problem without even thinking that it is dangerous chemicals being sprayed?

Yes, there is.  For the same reasons aircrafts have routes at altitudes around Urban areas, then maybe there should be the same for overflight of Land masses.

I propose that any aircraft flying over land or near land, should fly below 12,000 feet, in order to reduce formation of ‘condensation clouds’.

What I really think is that they are NOT Contrails, but Chemtrails, specifically designed to Dim the Sun.

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