A Reminder : Military Top Brass

Tuesday, November 12, 2013 – “It seems that every week since President Obama took office in 2009, we’ve been hearing that another top leader has been summarily fired, despite his decades of loyal service and valuable experience in protecting the nation. Statistically speaking, it’s actually closer to one every 8.8 days, a staggering 200 military brass shown the door in less than five years.”

Top Brass in the Military hasn’t been reinstated by President Trump. The purge still stands. Most of the generals in place are either Obama’s buddies or complacent to any request by the Globalists. The Globalist agenda when it comes to the military still stands.

The Intelligence Community (IC) is still in the hands of the Globalists. The Swamp hasn’t been drained yet.

The two paragraphs above spell a recipe for a major war, wether we want it or not. Although (still brainwashed) many Americans still view Russia as the enemy, as it was prompted during the cold war. The military can easily launch a weapon against America (self inflicted wound or a False Flag), and the IC will immediately point to Russia, triggering a War US – Russia. Putin knows it all too well and is preparing for such eventuality, even going as far as signing an alliance with China.

Russia is not our enemy. It is however a new country far from resembling Communist USSR. And Russia is against the Globalist agenda.

President Trump is trying to revive Nationalism in the US, but he can’t erase the brainwashing of the cold war nor the indoctrination of our young.

Nationalist Poland is isolated in Europe, among Socialist / Globalist states. As Europe builds its military, and it will, it will seek world domination by removing two thorns: USA, Russia, and Poland. Europe cannot deal with Russia and the USA, but it certainly can cause a war between the two (US military will help), and in doing so eliminating the two biggest enemies of Globalism or a One World Government.

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