America is Becoming Great Again and it scares them

Globalist Agenda is threatened.  If America becomes great again, and Americans enjoy it, the Globalist Agenda could have a huge setback.

Just imagine all those years of indoctrination for nothing.  Just imagine our children coming to realize how great is the country they live in.  Many are already turning away from the teachings defining Socialism as the ideal government system.  As jobs become plenty, employers will be competing for employees.  Pay will rise (it already has to some extent).  Americans will earn more, and will be more competitive in the World’s market.  American products will regain recognition and will be thought by people of other nations.

It can all happen within the next 2 years.

What a catastrophe for the Globalists !

The Globalist traitors in DC know that this 2018 election will not work in their favor.

This is why they are advocating a Cessation of Civility, and promote Chaos.  At this point in time, a Civil War is what they wish for.  If it fails, a false flag attack causing a Russia vs. US conflict is next.

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