Climate Engineering, GeoEgineering, Solar Radiation Management

Q & A session about what we see in our skies.

Is there a way to protect ourselves from the chemicals sprayed? 6:20

Is Climate Engineering a necessary evil, or is it part of a greater Plan? 10:30

Those who direct those programs, do they do something different than we do? What do they do to protect themselves and their families? 15:50 Chelation therapyChelation, therapy, treatment (Hoffman Center)

In the Military we operate for the greater good… Comments 18:00, Pat Tillman…

Does GeoEngineering affect the weather? 21:40

Do you have a plan to stop this? 24:00

Local weather forecasters read a script that has been passed down: the weather that is planned. Critical mass awareness is the the only way to stop this.

What do you think the effects are on the population? Alzheimers, Dementia, etc… 29:12

Names of the companies involved? 39:50

Are the planes drones or are they flown by pilots? 41:35

Are there readily available official documents outlining orders? 42:20

Is 5G related and its interactions with the metals? 43:00

Is the story of the Anunaki related? 52:00

Should we be concentrating on our activities on the Planet, instead of spraying the skies to “fix it”? 55:12

Bees are experiencing symptoms like Alzheimers or Dementia as much as we do. If we can expose it, we can stop it. By 2026, game over… It’ll be too late.


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