How Dare We in the US Turn our Backs to the New World Order!

Rothschild: Donald Trump is threatening to destroy the New World Order

And this is why We love him.  Since Kennedy, no US President as gone against this World domination scheme orchestrated by the wannabe rulers of the World.  Although the UN Agenda 21 is well underway, and was on target for 2030, it is being threatened by 1/2 of an American population who loves Liberty and the Sovereignty of their Nation.

With False Flag attacks galore, the NWO is intimidating people into furthering their Agenda.

With indoctrination of the young, and control of Main Stream Media, they have brainwashed people of all areas of the World, making them advocates of Globalism.

With their constant orchestrated Wars, they have caused misery and chaos. No wonder people beg for a united peaceful World.

They have drained resources and robbed entire Nations from their wealth.

They made entire Nations subservient to their monetary system, indebting people and their future generations.

With the USA being the military powerhouse it is, the Elites fear losing the War machine that served them for so long. Although the MIC is not under control of the US government, and US Top Brass able to defy Congress (Libya as an example), the current situation in the White House does not serve them well.

Will they regain control of the US?  Time will tell.  If the young ones desire it. Within the next 10 years they will serve their nation on a platter.

If not, they will somehow destroy it to make way for their World domination.  Internal strife?  A large scale war?  That is why they managed to divide a once very cohesive Nation.  That is why the IC must Keep Russia an enemy.


False Flag:  A false flag is an orchestrated event to achieve a desired reaction or outcome. It can be real or simply Lies.

MIC: Military Industrial Complex

IC: Intelligence Community

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