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In this new and selfish World, Seniors are paying the price. Whether Seniors reap what they have sown or not, is irrelevant in the face of survival. Too often, Seniors are abandoned to their own fate or put in homes. The busy generation is too busy, or too poor to now help their parents. As families loose their identities and cohesion, seniors loose their connection to their children.

senior_cohabitationIt used to be known as “shacking up” and it was looked down on. Today cohabitation has become much more accepted and even valued. It has benefits that range from financial to emotional, which we will discuss.

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Since 2007, the number of unmarried people over fifty living together has jumped by 75%, which is the largest jump in any age group. Most people tend to think of younger people when they think of unmarrieds living together, but older adults are starting to give them a run for that title.

This trend of repartnering has piqued the interest of demographers. Jonathan Vespa of the Census Bureau led a presentation called “A Gray Revolution in Living Arrangements” at the Population Association of America’s 2017 annual meeting. The main causes for this trend is the aging of baby boomers and rising divorce rates. The number of gray divorces has doubled since the 90’s, which opens up a whole new pool of people looking for a new partner.

One of the largest factors leading to people living together without marrying is their concern for their personal happiness. The idea of marriage becomes less important to people than their desire to feel fulfilled and happy. The way many couple look at it is they each have their own lives and then they have a life together too. They don’t make demands on each other that will take away from each other’s life.

Living together as older adults has a different feel to it than when younger people do it. When young adults live together it is often seen as a prelude to marriage or a short-term agreement. These arrangements are also more unstable than their older counterparts. For older people, cohabitation brings many benefits, including wider social circles and companionship, which is extremely important for people who can often feel isolated. It also has financial benefits – pooling your money together can help provide some financial stability.

Whether a couple decides to marry or not after cohabitating is something that they will need to discuss. Marriage can be useful for medical planning, but it can work against you in other areas. If you or your partner are receiving Social Security survivor’s benefits, they will end once remarried.

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As a Senior, I say let’s cooperate, and let our kids strive for their lives.

For decades now, the advocates of a New World Order have been hard at work to break the family nucleus. Be it through impoverishing families through Death Taxes, or indoctrination of children in the State School systems, they have succeeded in dissolving any cohesion of families.

Inheritance Taxes played a big role by reducing the power role of family elders. Elders are often forced to cede their assets before their death in order to transfer wealth to their children. And they with this power at hand dismiss their elders as useless.

I am not an advocate of sacrifice to adult children. They have been raised and in some cases given great educations to allow them to strive.

As a Senior, however, because of my lack of understanding of the ‘powers that be’ that crippled the family unity, I will sacrifice for the children that have yet to be self sufficient in this treacherous world.

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