Trade Deals and Government on Top of Businesses Survival

What would it take to Revive Local Small Businesses?

Imagine being able to walk your neighborhood block and purchase your daily groceries.

KrissAnne doesn’t have the answers but knows something isn’t right when it comes to Government trade deals. As JC says:

“Put your money where your mouth is.”

I commented on her latest video show:

Regarding International trade and Government involvement rests on the shoulders of The People.  As long as People favor spending their money with large corporations, as long as People do not support their local businesses, Government subsidized goods will have the upper hand. The day We The People return to neighborhood small businesses, with local butcher, baker, vegetable stands, etc., THEN Multinational corporations will be forced to downsize.  Would I LOVE to be able to buy my groceries with a 10-20 minute walk, meet my neighbors, engage in small talk while doing it, make friends of my neighbors.  Instead We don’t even know who lives next to us.  SAD

France still has One Up on the US

Yes, I did find a fault to our country, I even understand why it happened so.
Large Corporations tend to gain politicians to favor them, by providing them laws that benefit them, and crush small businesses. This is WHY, we have lost all of our small local businesses, in favor of BIG centralized Malls, or business areas.
The zoning (done by the State) defining Residential and Business areas, is negative to our health and well being, prevents us from interacting with our neighbors daily, and keeps us isolated.
I can understand Zoning for Industrial Areas, for many reasons, but not for splitting Residential and Small Businesses.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not dislike Malls & shopping centers, but NOT at the expense of neighborhood Small Businesses.

How to support local and American businesses

I will give a small example on how to proceed when buying your goods.

  1. Avoid buying on line, unless the product isn’t available in your area.
  2. Always pick the closest business. Example, I have 3 local choices when buying meats: Walmart, Publix, Meat Emporium (a small local business). I always choose Meat Emporium.
  3. When I have a grocery list: Publix over Walmart always. I put on my glasses and check the Made In or Product of labels. After a while you’ll know what to pick without reading the labels every time.
  4. When I can’t find it in Publix, I go to Walmart.

Those are MY personal habits.


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