He Predicted The Great Flood

Enoch Predicted The Great Flood of 2348 B.C. at least 600 years prior to it.  Enoch did not remain on Earth very long in comparison others.  Enoch, the son of Jared, was born in approximately 3500 B.C., and was taken 365 years later.  Enoch gave birth to the longest living man on record: Methuselah who lived 969 years, and was killed in the Flood.  Methuselah’s grand-son Noah was the only one (with his family) to survive The Great Flood.

Here is what Enoch wrote about the Flood:  The great judgment of the Flood

54:7 And in those days, the punishment of YAHWEH of Hosts shall be carried out, and they shall open all the storerooms of water in the heavens above, in addition to the fountains of water which are on earth.

54:8 And all the waters shall be united with all other waters. That which is from the heavens above is masculine water, whereas that which is underneath the earth is feminine.

54:9 And they shall obliterate all those that dwell upon the earth as well as those that dwell underneath the ultimate ends of heaven.

54:10 On account of the fact that they did not recognize their oppressive deeds which they carried out on the earth, they shall be destroyed by the Flood!

The Book of Enoch PDF

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