Not a Democracy

A Constitutional Republic

I wish the personalities in DC would stop mislabelling our form of Government, including our current President.

I wish the schools would still teach the real name of our form of Government.

NO, we are NOT a Democracy.  No, Mob Rule doesn’t apply. No our Rights cannot be taken away. Yes, there is a limit in modifying or clarifying the Constitution.

We have a limited form of Government, as outlined by the Constitution: “A Republic for which it stands…”

3 Branches of Government:

  • The Executive (Cabinet of the President)
  • The Legislative (2 chambers of Congress)
  • The Judicial (Supreme Court)

Each branch has respective roles, and those roles should not be altered.

The President is NOT a representative of the people, but a representative of the States in dealing with foreign affairs.

Only the House of Representatives (representatives of districts within their States) can write Bills to become Laws, and the Senate to approve them.

Bills to become Laws are written by the House, must be accepted by the Senate, and scrutinized by the Supreme court for Constitutionality. Then when the President approves them they become Laws.

A President CANNOT write Laws, he can however write Temporary Orders, that expire when he leaves office.

Senators are representatives of their States (or should be), and may in some cases be asked to verify some foreign treaties.

House Representatives are by NO means involved in foreign affairs (or should NOT be). Hint: Nancy traveling to meet with foreign governments.

And so We should Keep it.

The Main purpose of Government is stated by few words in the Declaration of Independence:  Secure our Unalienable Rights 

Unalienable Rights: “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”

As an afterthought, the founders wanted to make sure that some Rights should not be altered, and wrote the Bill of Rights.

Isn’t it Time We take a Stand?

Our Rights have been eroded by our leniency and complacency. Isn’t it time We stop the damage? We owe it to our children.

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