Peaceful Paths Forward for the USA

If things keep this way in America, We are headed to a confrontation.  The Country is Divided to a Point of NO Return (PNR).  On one side Americans who value Liberty, on the other those who are dependent on the State for their livelihood.  Two separate and distinct Breeds.

So what are the Peaceful Paths Forward?

It would of course require an almost unanimous decision from Congress. 2/3 to be exact.

  1. As POTUS as done these past 2 years, a gradual return towards the original United States of America.  For every new law, Repeal a dozen others.  Every year, Repeal half a dozen of Amendments to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, without touching anything written up to to 1789.
  2. Allow States to Secede the Union, for a more perfect Union.
  3. This is the ideal Scenario (because time is running short and tempers are flaring) that would show the World what Liberty is: In One swoop Repeal all Laws, Amendments to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, that were made after 1789.  And simultaneously Allow States to Secede.
  4. Let the Tenth Amendment of the Bill Rights give States their right to make their own decisions, Laws and Organizations (EPA, Education, Medical, infrastructure, Social programs, etc…).  The Supreme Court would then monitor the States and give their opinion on what laws are in line with the Constitution.

Unfortunately, none of those possibilities will be allowed by our Politicians dogs of the Globalists. They will not relinquish their power, for the Global Agenda is hinged on their actions.


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  1. Henry Womack says:

    If we learn nothing from history, we will repeat it .Through the world the Oppressed have always fault they’re way to Freedom as in the very way this Country was born , Now We who stand for Liberty have no desire to “overthrow “our government, but we have every intention on Restoring it , and hold All of government to the confines of Constitutional boundaries

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