Technology didn’t happen overnight

TI 99, My first computer

Had a conversation with a 23 year old about internet.

  • We didn’t have internet in 1983
  • We had computers with 12K memory, and tape drives.

How did we get to what we have today?

  • We went from tape drives to floppy disks
  • Then we had dial up internet
  • Floppy disks went from single sided to double sided double density.
  • I wrote a Sort subroutine with index system for a data base on floppy in 1984 before D Base was the thing. Did it for my employer Maxair. Yes, someone programed your cell phone for it to do what it does. You call it AP’s. We called it Programs or Software.
  • THE operating system at the time was MS DOS
  • Then Hard drives started. They were physical spinning disks
  • Then came the Data CD’s and the Solid State Hard drives

    My 2nd computer

  • Today’s common storage device is cards (I have a 32 Gb in my camera). Before that we had USB flash drives.

His eyes were wide open. He was stunned at the historical discovery.

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