Until the creation of the League of Nations, wars were conducted for entire different reasons than they are today.

Prior to the League of Nations.

Napoleonic WarPrior to the 19th century wars were undertaken for the following reasons:

  • Conquests. Kings wanted to become Emperors and control vast areas of Land and their people. They wanted to become an Empire.
  • Resources. People attacked other nations simply for resources that they needed.
  • Ideologies. Groups of people wanted to submit another people to force then into their beliefs. Be it for religion, or ruling systems.
  • Remove another people. For simple hatred, or because of feeling of superiority, nations, clans slaughtered other people because they simply could not let them be.
  • World domination. When a nation or empire felt they could be free from any aggression by simply getting a little more power, conquered others to envelop them in their group, to unify for greater numbers.WWII

Post UN and NATO

  • Someone or some groups (elites), decide the fate of other nations having the military superiority of NATO. The UN being the administrator of world dominance.
  • Nations not favored by NATO feel the need to expand their power against the most formidable military force in the World.
  • Wars by Proxy. Again, someone or some group entices Nations to fight each other for their own benefit.Stitched Panorama

The day a nation is capable to threaten NATO, will be the day of the last War in the World.


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