This TSA we all despise…

S.1447 – Aviation and Transportation Security Act

In this video KrisAnne is on the attack about the TSA from her most recent experience. She had been very mild in disassembling government’s actions until recently. I liked her teaching presentations, I love her fiery attacks.

I used to fly quite often, but ever since I experienced the first lines and screening, I since then only flew once in 16 years as I despise the jumping through hoops TSA subjects us to.

KrisAnne’s  last one was about the FBI and Tabloid media (or MSM): More FBI False Reports?- Infringing Upon Our Rights?

About TSA, she states 3 reasons why TSA should no longer exist:

  1. Constitution does not allow, as it is not one of the enumerated powers given to Federal Government.
  2. The Transportation Act had a date limit of 3 years, with option for airports to hire private airport security. (Texas tried)
  3. Unlike Police officers it is not allowed to contradict a TSA agent in any way shape or form. They have the supreme right to be obnoxious, and the 4th amendment is repudiated during travel when purchasing an airline ticket (part of contract).

There are countless stories of molestation and TSA agents with prior convictions as Sexual Predators.

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