New Cold War?

Why should Russia remain the enemy of the US?

Anyone who understands or grasps the Conspiracy of a New World Order or a World Government relegating Nations to regions of this Global Governance to mere regions, understands why Russia must remain enemy of the US.

The Globalists need this Card, in case they have to trigger WW3 to achieve Global Governance. And, a friendly US / Russia relation is NOT in their interests, as it would suppress any possibility of a New World Order.

As it stands today, the Globalists have successfully brought to their ranks most of the populations of the World. Right? What is happening in France could paint otherwise, but I don’t think the French understand what has been happening in the past decades.

So yes, the Globalists have successfully indoctrinated most of the young of almost every nation, and World Governance is within their grasp.  The election of Trump was a setback, but the Deep State is fighting tooth and nail to rectify it.

If they get another Globalist US President in 2020, WW3 may not be necessary. In the mean time they must keep this card and actually make it foolproof, by convincing the US population that Russia is THE Bad Guy. And this Bad Guy has a treaty with China providing mutual help in case of War since a year or so ago. WW3 would guaranty the set up of World Governance, and as a plus, would cause a huge world population reduction that they are so dearly seeking.

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