On this Day September 11th

From HistoryNet:

Only picked a few favorites of mine, by relevance, importance, for Liberty, Principle, and Truth.William Wallace

  • 1297 ⇒ Scots under William Wallace defeat the English at Stirling Bridge.
  • 1814 ⇒ U.S. forces led by Thomas Macdonough route the British fleet on Lake Champlain.
  • 1857 ⇒ Indians incited by Mormon John D. Lee kill 120 California-bound settlers in the Mountain Meadows Massacre.
  • 1904 ⇒ The battleship Connecticut, launched in New York, introduces a new era in naval construction.
  • 1944 ⇒ American troops enter Luxembourg.
  • 1965 ⇒ The 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) arrives in South Vietnam and is stationed at An Khe.Dusting 9/11
  • 2001 ⇒ In an unprecedented, highly coordinated attack, terrorists hijack four U.S. passenger airliners, flying two into the World Trade Center towers in New York and one into the Pentagon, killing thousands. The fourth airliner, headed toward Washington likely to strike the White House or Capitol, is crashed just over 100 miles away in Pennsylvania after passengers storm the cockpit and overtake the hijackers.
  • 2012 ⇒ US consulate in Benghazi, Libya, is attacked and burned down; 4 Americans are killed including the US ambassador, J. Christopher Stevens.


911 Benghazi


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