Puerto Rico vs. Mid-West Farmers

Puerto Rico is NOT a State of the Union, but a Territory.  A Territory acquired as a result of the Spanish War.

21% of the workforce of Puerto Rico works for government.  To help you illustrate this: nearly 1 (one) in 4 (four) working individual works for government.  This is your typical Socialist State.

Puerto Ricans living on the island only get to pay Federal Taxes if their source of revenue is from outside the island. Revenue acquired from sources within the island is not taxable or not subject to Federal Income Tax.  Understand this as you wish, but bottom line, they are not paying Federal Income Tax as citizens of the 50 states do.

Hurricane Maria

Puerto Rico received $91 billions in aid. This is more than Texas and Florida combined got in aid for the same hurricane.

The Population of Puerto Rico is: 3,337,177.  Population of Texas: 28,449,000.  Population of Florida: 21,299,325

Yet, the House wants to still give them more, knowing corruption on the island is what got the funds and goods misplaced.  For months equipment (generators, etc…), water and food sat in government warehouses until Federal investigators discovered them.

Democrats and Leftists are calling for Puerto to become a State.  Puerto Ricans have voted to become a state.  Democrats need other Socialist states to tip the balance in their favor and transform the Nation forever.  And so, they have been calling for not only Puerto Rico to become a state, but they also want D.C. (the Deep State enclave) to become a state.

I understand the people of Puerto Rico have and still are suffering from their island leadership’s miss-management, but at some point a line has to be drawn.

Instead of Statehood, Puerto Rico should be given its Independence.

Floods in Midwest affected Farmers

Food prices could rise sharply soon.

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