The Failures of Europe and France

France 12 weeks 2018-19

Repression is now the name of the game. The future of France is bleak, as the Oligarchs in power struggle to keep their Kingdom, and will do anything to assert their control of the people of the World.

What are the demands of the French people?

Fact is, they don’t know for sure. All they know, is that their lives are a struggle. They see no future for them and their children. It started because of new taxes that were about to imposed on them once more.

Socialism must be financed. And the French government needs more funds. Europe demands it. How else can all countries of Europe be equal, if not to bleed the the top nations to redistribute to the poorer nations of Europe’s failed system.

A little history

1981, the French elected a Socialist President, and it all went downhill ever since.

1999, with the appeal of a single currency for all of Europe, it evolved in a Political Union in 2002: The European Union. The initial goal, as sold to populations was to form a similar Union to the United States of America. It turned out far from the told objective, and instead became a Dictatorial system emanating from non-elected bureaucrats in Brussels Belgium.

Socialism the utopia

Socialism is always very appealing to the majority of people, and since France is a Democracy, the majority was able to dictate to all the new standard of Socialism.

What the French did not understand was that money doesn’t grow in trees, wealth must be taken before it is redistributed. Once fewer and fewer people were available to take from as all but the top 1% were impoverished, the government had to withdraw from all. France has had an undiscriminating taxation system ever since I can remember (50 years). They name a tax item and use it for something else.

An example: I am no longer a productive individual. I am a retired Senior. Should I let my needs guide me, I would prefer Socialism. Socialism would take from others and provide for me. I do however think of my children, and am not guided by my needs but by principle. And that principle that I want for my children is LIBERTY.

The fake European Union

Had the EU been created with the same intent as the US. Had it been modeled like the US, it would have been a great thing. People were fooled into it, and are now regretting it.

The EU is a product of the Globalist Oligarchs in order to control first Europe and later the World. In no way is it for Liberty and Prosperity of the people.

The Brits wanted out and now the Frenchy’s want out. I am surprised that Germany doesn’t want the same. The EU is basically taking from the prosperous nations and giving to the impoverished ones. Great Britain has been struggling to get out Brexit will not be allowed so easily, and Frexit could motivate the EU to become more dictatorial (Compare to the American Civil War when states wanted out).

A look at French Laws

A warning, most Americans will shake their heads in disbelief.

  • Paid overtime is NOT legal.
  • The paid work week is limited to 35 hours. (unpaid is allowed)
  • Working more than one (1) job is NOT legal.
  • Prostitution has been legal, taxed and regulated. Here is how they operated in the 80’s (I know, I lived there and I happened to friend a young prostitute). A tax man observer armed with a booklet and a pen, would write down how many jobs a prostitute did, in order to enforce taxation.
  • In 87 they enforced “Service Compris”. Servers in bars or restaurants were then finally unable to evade taxation by this automatic tip added to the customers bill. The tip did go to the waiters, but they were taxed on it.
  • In the late 70’s to provide better retirements for the Seniors, they instated the “Vignette”. Every vehicle owner had to pay it for every vehicle they owned, in addition to regular TVA the tax on vehicle purchases.
  • TVA the sales tax was increased in the mid 80’s to (if I recall) 35% on what they deemed luxury product, including expensive cars.
  • In 81 Mitterand instated this blueish booklet for funds taken abroad. Every person travelling abroad had to declare how much money was taken for travel, and there was a limit on how much could be taken along (I forgot how much it was).

We Americans could not fathom such abuse, yet the French for years have abided by this. I guess now they’ve had enough.

What the French Should Demand

  1. A return to more Liberty.
  2. The Exit from the EU.
  3. The repeal of the blood sucking taxation laws (hint the one listed above).
  4. The repeal of all laws impeding Liberty. Especially laws limiting how much a person can work and earn. (see above)
  5. Remove from the “Droits de l’homme” (the equivalent of our Bill of Rights), the right to be taxed.


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Climate Engineering, GeoEgineering, Solar Radiation Management

Q & A session about what we see in our skies.

Is there a way to protect ourselves from the chemicals sprayed? 6:20

Is Climate Engineering a necessary evil, or is it part of a greater Plan? 10:30

Those who direct those programs, do they do something different than we do? What do they do to protect themselves and their families? 15:50 Chelation therapyChelation, therapy, treatment (Hoffman Center)

In the Military we operate for the greater good… Comments 18:00, Pat Tillman…

Does GeoEngineering affect the weather? 21:40

Do you have a plan to stop this? 24:00

Local weather forecasters read a script that has been passed down: the weather that is planned. Critical mass awareness is the the only way to stop this.

What do you think the effects are on the population? Alzheimers, Dementia, etc… 29:12

Names of the companies involved? 39:50

Are the planes drones or are they flown by pilots? 41:35

Are there readily available official documents outlining orders? 42:20

Is 5G related and its interactions with the metals? 43:00

Is the story of the Anunaki related? 52:00

Should we be concentrating on our activities on the Planet, instead of spraying the skies to “fix it”? 55:12

Bees are experiencing symptoms like Alzheimers or Dementia as much as we do. If we can expose it, we can stop it. By 2026, game over… It’ll be too late.


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The Next Election will be a Total Fraud

The 2020 Election will not reflect anything close to reality. It will be a crushing blow to America and the Liberty lovers. It will be so overwhelming that most will have a slump down attitude of despair and disbelief.

And it will be a complete fraud.

In 2016 they could not afford an obvious steel, nor did they want to.

Americans had been angry for 8 years. Americans had organized, trained and prepared for the worse. The People were ready and angry.

So, they had to appease Americans.

And the 2016 election was just that: An Appeasement Script.

It was a necessary breather that would return The People to nonchalance. Training stopped or nearly stopped. The Militias returned home. Americans stored their guns and ammo. The brewing Civil War was avoided. Yeah, Americans were way too organized and motivated. They were way too dangerous. It was better to postpone the take over until a time when they had their guards down.

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Schumer Making Threats Again

It is not the first time Schumer makes threats. This time he is asking the Intelligence Community to take action.

The soft Coup is about to get Hot.


“The Intelligence Community have Six ways to get back at you.” Says Schumer with a grin.

Intelligence Community, the domestic enemy.

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In anticipation for the 2020 Presidential Election

Most Popular Personalities

  •  * Donald J. Trump: 57.9 Million followers
  • Hillary Clinton: 24 Million followers
  • Bernie Sanders: 8.98 Million followers
  • * Elizabeth Warren: 4.8 Million followers
  • Cory Booker: 4.1 Million followers
  • Joe Biden: 3.26 Million followers
  • Mike Bloomberg: 2.29 Million followers
  • * Kirsten Gillibrand: 1.34 Million followers
  • * Kamala Harris: 633,000 followers
  • Eric Holder: 454,000 followers
  • * Tulsi Gabbard: 251,000 followers
  • * Julian Castro: 172,000 followers
  • * Richard Ojeda: 48,000 followers
  • * John Delaney: 13,100 followers
  • Green Party: 232,000 followers
  • Libertarian Party: 133,000 followers
  • Constitution Party: 8,038 followers

Marked with a * and highlighted are candidates who have announced their participation.

No a World wide Twitter followers ranking cannot render for a National Presidential election.  It does however give an indication on how popular potential Presidential candidates are.  Fortunately, a US President can only serve for two terms, without exception as of now.

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