As the Moon Gets Fuller, the Nights Are Cooler

Here is an example of Bad Science. Science we were taught deceptively.

Quora: Does a full moon make the night colder?

Full Moon-960_720I beg you to read the comments of the indoctrinated readers:  “warmer because it reflects sunlight back onto the Earth.”;  “It seems that the global temperature of the earth slightly rises during a full moon”;  “the small amount of sunlight reflected by the moon would tend to make the night warmer, but there is so little it is hardly measurable.” …

Testing the Moonlight

Moon Phases Oct2018

First off, I personally tested moonlight temperature.  The test was simple.  I placed my mercury thermometer under the moonlight and took a reading, then I placed the same thermometer in the shade of a tree, on the same concrete patio, within 2 feet distance.  The result was mind boggling, since I too was a victim of Bad Science taught in indoctrination public school:  5º F cooler in the Moonlight, on a full Moon.

Any one who dares to test the Bad Science they were indoctrinated to, can do this test. Just be sure to have the same material for base. Infrared thermometers are the best for this, as the readings are instantaneous. (I don’t own one.)

Northern Lands vs. Southern Lands.

While in the North we are headed for Fall and Winter, the South is headed for Spring and Summer.

Temps in °F FahrenheitOrlando
S. Korea
Sept. 15thH94-L80: 14H79-L57: 22H74-L54: 20H79-L70: 9L61L34
Sept. 16thH95-L80: 15H88-L59: 29H61-L56: 5H75-L70: 5H66-L60: 6H41-L34: 7
Sept. 17thH94-L78: 16H86-L66: 20H63-L50: 13H79-L63: 16H67-L60: 7H59-L28: 31
Sept. 18thH94-L79: 15H84-L68: 14H62-L52: 10H79-L61: 18H65-L60: 5H68-L28: 40
Sept. 19thH94-L79: 15H86-L64: 22H74-L49: 25H79-L64: 15H63-L61: 2H63-L34: 29
Sept. 20thH94-L75: 19H90-L61: 29H73-L58: 15H68-L64: 4H62-L59: 3H63-L27: 36
Sept. 21stH92-L77: 15H81-L64: 17H77-L51: 26H72-L64: 8H65-L59: 6H64-L27: 37
Sept. 22ndH89-L75: 14H82-L59: 23H78-L53: 25H79-L61: 18H64-L61: 3H70-L34: 36
Sept. 23rdH89-L75: 14H86-L61: 25H62-L51: 11H75-L57: 18H66-L60: 6H72-L32: 40
Sept. 24th
Full Moon
H91-L74: 17H72-L59: 13H53-L45: 8H70-L54: 16H63-L61: 2H59-L39: 20
Sept. 25thH93-L74: 19H73-L46: 27H51-L45: 6H73-L50: 23H63-L61: 2H63-L32: 31
Sept. 26thH94-L76: 18H77-L57: 20H54-L40: 14H75-L55: 20H66-L60: 6H57-L46: 11
Sept. 27thH94-L75: 19H82-L61: 21H53-L41: 12H75-L52: 23H66-L61: 5H68-L34: 34
Sept. 28thH94-L76: 18H84-L57: 27H56-L45: 11H72-L59: 13H67-L61: 6H75-L36: 39
Sept. 29thH91-L75: 16H77-L59: 17H47-L41: 6H79-L55: 24H67-L60: 7H58-L39: 19
Sept. 30thH91-L75: 16H75-L55: 20H51-L33: 18H70-L55: 15H66-L61: 5H64-L28: 36

Last update Sept. 25th.

On Full Moon Nights

Enjoy the higher flames of a camp fire.  Enjoy the smooth light, as the night isn’t dark, a trek in nature becomes most enjoyable (with friends of course, to scare the WereWolfs).  As the night progresses though it will get cooler than usual.

Genesis 1:16  And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night:

The TV Weather People

Yes, I know, they just repeat what they are told to say.

How in their right minds can they pretend to predict the weather 10 days in advance?  Decades ago, I’d prepare my flight routes after checking in the weather observation station on the airport. With those observations, I was able to map what the weather would be like in route, a few hours in the future. Even at that time with my extensive knowledge of Meteorology (I taught it for Private Pilots before their theory test), I would have never dared to predict more than 12 hours ahead. Yet those fools go for 10 days, and are mostly wrong. Yet, people still swallow that entertainment side of it as science.

Would they acknowledge this fact of the Moonlight causing cooler nights, they be able to predict frosts, fogs, freezes more accurately.  For the novice, Fog has a lot to do with temperature: Temperature and DewPoint.

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