Dinosaurs and The Flood

How did the Dinosaurs come to be?  Evolution? Creation?

The theory of Evolution is just that, a theory.  Yes, I know, it is taught in school as FACT (wrongly).

Giant Dinosaur skeleton 2014 Argentina

Giant Dinosaur skeleton 2014 Argentina

Did the Dinosaurs really exist?  I my-self often questioned the matter, since just about all the skeletons on display in museums are made out of plaster, and only a select few have seen the real ones.

The multiplied excavations of said Dinosaur bones seem to attest to the reality of their past existence.  Fossilized foot prints contribute also to another made argument, that they did indeed exist.

Dr. Mary Schwietzer, an expert in Paleontology, decided to slice a Dinosaur bone fragment, in order to analyze the ‘still’ soft tissue inside of it.  Yes, there still was blood cells remains inside the bone (after millions of years?).  By doing so, she triggered a huge controversy as to how old the remaining cells were:  4 to 5,000 years or Millions of years?  The argument that blood cells remain doesn’t match the millions of years theory.

Now what if God did create the Dinosaurs 6,000 years ago?

What if their extinction was not due to a huge meteorite that killed every living thing on Earth?

What if the Bible and Thora do say the truth, and that God created Dinosaurs and that they didn’t make it onto Noah’s Ark, but instead perished and were crushed between the shuffle of the Earth plates when the miles of water drained into the deep?

The Bible has the answer to that:

Where as the so called unproven sciences of theories, still need to become fact. We call them Scientism.

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