End Times in Scriptures

This is a Chronological list of posts about End Times prophecies.

What Jesus Christ said:


Peter, 2 Peter 3: Where is the promise of his coming?

Jude about Enoch

The Seven Seals of Revelation Have Been Opened!

The last chapter of the Bible Revelation, includes the account of what is to come in the last days, by Jesus Christ to John.

My personal understanding of End Times: End Times Chronology

In the clouds

Reading the Bible one verse at a time, is good. However reading it in the context is better. When reading the Bible, a hole message is given if one tries to understand what it literally says. To understand fully, one may have to go back and confirm that what was said previously matches the passage of the moment. I personally go further, I try to place the passages in time. Why in time? Because the Bible is a story, it is in most parts History, the history of man, and his relationship with God at various times in the past. Sometimes, the relationship is good, and at other times, not so good.
When the Gospel is published throughout the World, and that all nations have the opportunity to read it and understand it, then God will send the Son of Man, to execute Judgement.
Is the Gospel available in all nations today? I do not know for sure. Some say the True Gospel is now being preached, as much deception was propagated by many churches.
Paul Sandhu, a preacher of sorts, made a video regarding the final preaching of the True Gospel, as iterated in Revelations. The understanding that the final preaching could be done by the 2 (two) Witnesses of Revelation, is VERY valid, and his presentation is to the point and correct.
I now tend to agree with him. See and hear the presentation on YouTube: Who are the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11?

Since YouTube Shut down his Channel, see my presentation on The Two Witnesses of Revelations:

The Two Witnesses of End Times

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