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TAPS and Red Flag Laws a New Level of Population Control

Video: Why Controllers LOVE Red Flag Laws Top 10 benefits of Red Flag Laws for your government controllers: No more need for a pesky warrant. No need for actual evidence. Anyone can make a false claim and have your rights … Continue reading

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4th amendment Null and Void Dangerous Trend

The Most Primary cause of the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution: Warrantless searches and seizures against Englishmen were the spark for the American Revolution in the British Colony. James Ottis Jr. a government attorney turned whistle blower against … Continue reading

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Justin Amash the so called Libertarian

I defend #liberty and explain every vote on Facebook • “Laws must be general, equal, and certain.” He was a Libertarian at heart almost equal to Rand Paul. But since he entered to Presidential race, he is trying to appeal … Continue reading

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This TSA we all despise…

S.1447 – Aviation and Transportation Security Act In this video KrisAnne is on the attack about the TSA from her most recent experience. She had been very mild in disassembling government’s actions until recently. I liked her teaching presentations, I … Continue reading

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Mr. President Stop the Erosion of Our Rights !

Trump Must Aggressively Protect And Defend The First, Second, And Fourth Amendments Bill of Rights End Times

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